Friday, July 21, 2006

Pixar Motorama 2006

The good thing about summer is all the car shows that take place. I was at Asphalt last week, and this week was the Pixar Motorama. Lots of great employee cars, even Jay Leno had a car there. Audi had a new S8 and Ford had a GT. Good times.


amelia said...

I just found your blog! My friend brought a home-made peddle-car with a bunch of wooden caricatures inside. Did you see it?
Cool blog


insomniakz said...

I think I did. Did it happen to have a lot of puppet looking caricatures in it? That was a cool car.
Thanks. I have more picts on the show on imsomniakz picts link on the right of the blog.
- A D