Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wii Adventures

I've been holding out to get a new system for a while now. Nintendo has always been my first choice and this time has been no different. I still want to get a PS3 but I'm going to wait til the price goes down, but little did I know it was going to be this hard to get a Wii. After going to store after store on launch date (excluding the overnight camp out in front of the store) at the crack of dawn I came home empty handed. Wave number two came around on Black Friday. My brother and I showed up at 1a at Best Buy and people were camping out in front since 10p. The line was outrageous. Our next bet was Target down the street. After going home to get a few hours of sleep there we are at 5:20a in line for Target to open. I never imagined waiting in line before sunrise to shop. Doors opened and people rushed in, Supermarket Sweep style. We rushed to the Electronics section only to discover that their shipment hadn't arrived. While we waited to confirm there were no Wii's people were picking up DVD players and PSP's like their life depended on it. Bumping, shouting "I got one" and attitudes were aplenty "I was here first". And this is in the first five minutes.
Once home yet again emtpy handed our drive to find a Wii turned to Craigslist. Yeah, I know it takes the adventure away from your own story of how you found one. But let me tell you, that Wii drug style deal at the parking lot of B of A when money exchanged hands and we got a brand new box out of the trunk made up for it. And yes, we did check that there were no bricks in the box. The guys that we bought it from had bought two on launch date after waiting in line 20 hours. And was all the trouble worth it?
Yes, the Wii has got to be one of the most funnest things that we've purchased in a while. While the graphics are a tad bit better than the GameCube, while there are no HD connections or BlueRay DVD, it makes up for it with the game play. So if you don't yet have one now, hit up Craiglist or eBay because you can't afford to wait to have this much fun.

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