Thursday, March 16, 2006

Agustin Victor Casasola

Mexican Independence Day - 1906

Soldier during the Mexican Revolution - 1914

Francisco "Pancho" Villa and Emiliano Zapata - Dec. 6, 1914

Assasination of Pancho Villa - July 30, 1923

Assasination of Emiliano Zapata - April 10, 1919

I was looking at some photo exhibits online and stumbled upon this great photographer, Agustin Victor Casasola. I've always been intrigued by Mexican History, and his photos offer a glimpse into that time of turmoil. There are a few books with collections of his photos but some are not in print. There is one called Mexico: The Revolution and Beyond, that you can pick up on Amazon.


Felix Medina said...

Beautiful mexican History. Have we learned from that? Nop!

shiffter94 said...

shut the fuk up before i ki iur ass

shiffter94 said...

u call it history....i call it art

mxcan said...

I do believe this man, Agustin V. Casasola, has done his homework not very well, this last photograf is General Emiliano Zapata, after folling in a trap from Venustiano C. I could never denie the heroic acts of many mexicans in their battle for independence, justice and strugle for even rights, the books of mexican history, have the, well, as we call it, make up, to hide the true facts of the circunstances that pushed our heroes to act as they did, Hidalgo was having an affair with the wife of Corregidor of Queretaro, Doña Josefa, YES, bouth of them were involved in the Independence complot, but Hidalgo being a catholic padre, didn't worry about the law people, the sdoldiers, but the catholic church, when he called upon his home town people he already changed his clothes and not because of the dust or the sweating from a hot 10:00 pm horse riding back home dusty road.... he felt like going when he remembered the holy inquisition, didn't make it to the toilet ....the kid , cadet of the mexican military college, that wrapped himself with the castle of Chapultpec' mexican flag, when the US_ army was about to take over the Mexico City, he was getting away and got shot and he tried to hold up of anything that helped him from falling down, the flag, ..well just didn' work the history authors, or writers, wrote thoes pages with a great deal of make up in the true facts of our history, ...-... the spaniard monks, never mentioned that Captain Hernando de Cortes and his 400 men never could defeat the Aztec army by themselves, even with their fire weapons, the help of the local enemies of the aztecs, but the viruelent black small pox spaniard soldiers brought to the city of Tenochtitlan, had the best Aztec officers folling down and dying fulminated from a virus that didn't find any resistance from their flesh of the clean by military law orders to go into the temazcal steam bath, to sweat out their possible weacknes as a ritual and again after the entire day trainig and studing war tactics, after the first encounter with this new enemies, they found out that they were on the horse and not one body as they thought at first look and first smelling, that their attackers, bleed and die just like any other man as well of killing them with those fire sticks as they went on having contact with the white stinking infected with the plague soldiers, that had previous contacts with small pox, the inmunological system of the filthy spaniard soldiers gave them THE GREATEST VICTORY FOR SPAIN, the mexican soldiers started to die from an unknown killer, so our history as we all know it, it is not so heroic as the writers wrote about it, and to end with this non intentional long comment, I could not trust señor Casasola very much, that is General Emiliano Zapata, Caudillo del Sur, wich it is a shameful picture cause Gral. Zapata's face is clean his shirt all blody, and the civilians holding him and around him are looking to the above, begging like, for comfort from their crying souls, We can tell that the photographer was directing those ass... Zapata wasa very dear to his soldiers and civilians of the southern states of Mexico, he hold on to a non violent revolution war, he took every town in the region with the support of the same towns people, only the rich ranceros were against him, I, know that picture was the front page of a news paper in Mexico city, Pancho Villa got several shots on the head and face, too, plus the grace shot, to make sure he was dead, his daughter saies (still alive, when she was interview, youtube), said that she couldn't tell THAT was her father, thanks

insomniakz said...

^^^ Learn how to spell!

mxcan said...

Sorry insomniakz. but still this picture with the men around a death man, looking like they were mourning when nun of them looked like farmers, the ones that really were hurt by the assassanation of their leader, General Emiliano Zapata, wich is the man's corpse in the photograph, if you took it personal, again, sorry, I was just trying to write in MY POOR ENGLISH the TRUE mexican history, if the english language was my native language, my spelling would be much more suitable then my french or my italian, sorry, my intention was just to correct an err and write a comment about our mexican real history, I assure you, your comment about my spelling,beyond being an insult, makes me proud that even though it has been 34 years now, since I went to a Highschool in the state of Michigan, USA, just to learn how to speak, not to WRITE the english idiom, what I did learn in one single senior school year, is what has being very helpful to me, when english is the only way to communicate while visiting asian countries, so THANK YOU, although my spelling was terrible you understood my comments, it is like a victory to me, however, my spelling in spanish as it is my own language and my spelling in french as my mother's second natural idiom are pretty extended, in any of those two languages, perhaps italian will suit you,too,I am sure if you wish to continue with the insulting topic will be fine to me, if you allow me to answer to you widely and meaningful if you knowledge in any of these languages is as fluent as your english, or if the use of a virtual translator, as I found out that you are pretty good in this computing matters, to bad that your pride is way over your head,
And you are correct I did read what I wrote, my spelling is a total disaster, WILL A I AM SORRY DO, next time I wont try to write about three or four themes at the same time, only ONE and I will re-read it and again, then when Iam sure about my spelling and conjugation of the verbs and else,then publish it,what ever I've wrote about, OK