Friday, March 31, 2006

Not feeling so well

So I finally took a vacation day from work, so much to do, etc. etc. and low and behold, I wake up at 6a freezing and with the worst stomach ache ever. So much for an action packed day off. =-(
For some odd reason my stomach is in a twirl and my entire body aches. I've taken Pepto and Tylenol but they've just minimized the symptons.
In other news, the one good thing about having a day off during the week is The Price is Right. I grew up watching this show and what's great about it is that it hasn't changed. Same host, same games, same deco. But different models. ow, ow.. Bob you ol rascal! =-)


Luxo Jr. said...

Aw too bad. Hope you get better soon :)

NOTjulio said...

price is right kicks ass right? haha

DJ Eternal-E said...

The Price Is Wrong Bitch!