Monday, May 01, 2006

What's the latest?

What's the latest you ask? Well, still trying to find a new pad to call home. Still trying to find that one that catches my eye. Went to Vegas for a few days and didn't win nutin man, nutin. But the good news is that my VW Bug is almost done. Just had the transmission rebuilt but there is a small leak that still needs to be fixed. After I get it back from Art's Auto Point Motors (in Pt. Richmond), It's going to LaVere's in Concord to get the 1963 Ragtop Clip installed. Then it's on to Rolling Thunder in Marin to get the stereo and alarm installed. Stay tuned on picts on this restoration.


NOTjulio said...

man tht bug is gonna be nice when its done. what color is the ragtop gonna be?

insomniakz said...

Black on black. It's gonna be sweet.